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At Least a Half Dozen Things: At Least a Half Dozen Things...

At least a half dozen things about the Boreham Library which you didn't know or remember


Library Contact Information

University of Arkansas - Fort Smith

Boreham Library

813 North Waldron

Fort Smith, AR  72904


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... Which You Didn't Know or Remember

This guide is based on a simple idea:

The first time you use this guide, the Boreham Library staff expects that you will probably find at least a half dozen things listed which you either never knew, or didn't remember hearing about until you saw them again here.

The next time you use this guide -- and please drop by again every so often -- you might still find something new, or something forgotten.

Consider it a little academic wager -- you bet your current knowledge against the changes and improvements being made constantly by Boreham Library staff.

Game on!

Technical Services Librarian

Dennis Van Arsdale's picture
Dennis Van Arsdale
Boreham Library 136, 813 N. Waldron, Fort Smith AR 72903