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eBooks from Boreham Library: Transferring eBooks

how to find, use and download eBooks from the Boreham Library

What Can, What Cannot

Devices not connected

If you like, you can save the .acsm file to something else, or email it, and load it later on the device you want to read it with. See the tab with the appropriate reader app for your device for instructions. The reader app should automatically offer to load it when you try to open the file on your device.

Adobe Digital Editions - compatible

You need Adobe Digital Editions on your computer to transfer ebooks to another device.  The receiving device (tablet/iPad/phone/ereader) does not need Adobe Digital Editions but does need ereader software that is authorized with an Adobe ID, such as Bluefire Reader.

Adobe Digital Editions is available for Windows and Mac OS (but not iOS, such as iPad and iPhone -- see the Apple iOS tab instead for those).

You can load it on computers using Windows or Mac OS and then use it to transfer the eBooks on it to many other devices.

Click here for the current list of devices which are compatible (to accept files from Adobe Digital Editions eBooks).

Important note: the Library does not own and therefore cannot test every available device you might be using, so cannot guarantee this will work on your device.  Also, iOS device (iPad/iPhone/iTouch/etc.) users should use the Apple iOS tab instructions instead.

You will need Adobe Digital Editions on your computer, and an ereader app for .epub and .pdf eBooks on your other device (pad, phone, ereader, etc.). 

To transfer from Adobe Digital Editions:

  1. Check out your library eBook and download it to Adobe Digital Editions.

  2. Plug in your ereader/phone.

  3. If Adobe Digital Editions is not already running, load it.

  4. The device should show up in the left column of Adobe Digital Editions, much like a group of your eBooks.  If not, try closing Adobe Digital Editions and loading it again while the device is plugged in.

  5. Click and drag the desired eBook to the device and release it into the device.

  6. At some point (first time you do this only) you will need to "authorize" the device using your Adobe ID which you may have set up when installing Adobe Digital Editions on your computer.  This tells Adobe Digital Editions that the device receiving the eBook is allowed to receive it for you.

  7. This should transfer the eBook into your device.

  8. Each device is different, so exactly where on your device the eBook ends up may vary.  You may need to check your personal files directory and see if there is a subdirectory (file folder) for eBooks or for Adobe Digital Editions.

  9. If this doesn't work, save the file and email or otherwise transfer it to your device, then try to open it using the reader app for your device.
If you would like to use the Aldiko ebook reader software, on an Android or iOS device, instructions to transfer Adobe Digital Editions ebooks into that software are here.


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