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eBooks from Boreham Library: Apple iOS or Android

how to find, use and download eBooks from the Boreham Library

Apple iOS (iPad, iPhone, iTouch) or Android

This is for tablet/phone users: Android or Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, iTouch, etc.) BUT not Windows or Mac computers, laptops, etc.

This includes the Barnes & Noble Nook HD and HD+. Kindle Fire tablets (but not other Kindles) may need to "sideload" this as a special app.

Warning: the Overdrive app from the public library will NOT read Boreham Library ebook downloads. It may actually interfere with reading ebooks from any source other than Overdrive ebooks. The Ebsco ebook app may not work reliably with ebooks yet either.

Adobe Digital Editions is not directly available on iOS products such as the iPhone and iPad, or Android devices, but you can transfer eBooks to them if you have an Adobe ID (which you can get when you first load Adobe Digital Editions, or obtain later from

There are a number of ebook reader apps. Boreham Library usually recommends Bluefire.

For iOS devices, you can get a free alternative ereader app called the Bluefire reader.  You can do this on your tablet/phone from the Apple store.

For Android devices, you can get the free Android version of the same ereader app called Bluefire reader.  You can do this on your tablet/phone from the Google store.

Use the Adobe Digital Editions tab above for instructions to transfer from your computer to your device, if you downloaded to your computer.

Remember: updates to the apps may change the look from what you see here. You should be able to follow similar steps, however.

If your tablet/phone device has wireless access, you can download directly to it from the library and many other sources by doing this:

FIRST: If you haven't already, get a (free) Adobe ID.  Save this information for use later.

For Boreham Library (or many public library) ebooks, you can use the free Bluefire reader app (search "bluefire" in the App Store for your tablet/phone).  Install this app.

1. Load the Bluefire Reader app, and select "Info".  
The first item is to authorize the (free)
Adobe ID which you already have (which is why we said save this information).

Just enter the email address and password you created in Adobe to log in.  You only need to do this once for a device.

Bluefire recognizes it and authorizes this device for any Adobe Digital Editions ebooks.

Adobe ID screen on Bluefire

When complete, your login name will appear in the red space seen here.






2. Go to our catalog, and pick your ebook. If it is downloadable (some aren't) it will give a link to click.

NOTE: we get ebooks from several vendors, so the download process may vary somewhat from what you see here. Just follow the steps!

search for catalog

  You can find ebooks in the Discover service, or go directly to the catalog at

  From there, you can search by title or other methods.

  catalog  From the catalog, you can search just like any book.


search ebook by title

  You can enter a title, and then set the Material Type to ebooks to limit the selection to just ebooks.


  catalog - sheep When you find the ebook, click on the link.


ebook page If this is an ebrary book you will need to login first. 

Click on the Download link (it might differ from ebook to ebook) if offered.

  password You will need to login with each ebook provider. 

Once you login for that ebook vendor, you should see the download instructions.

download  This may vary from ebook to ebook. You can now checkout and download by clicking on the button.

  downloading clock  The ebook will download to your phone or tablet.


choose ereader   You'll probably be given a choice at this point.  Choose Bluefire (or your preferred reader app).

bluefire choice Bluefire will give you a choice.


Sheep cover  If/when you choose to read the book, it displays on your screen.  

Now you can tap or swipe from the right to turn the pages.

  library view  In the Library view, notice that the remaining checkout time shows.

Not all ebooks can be downloaded.  Check all the copies of the ebook in the catalog; some may be downloadable while others are not.

If this ebook can be downloaded, you then go through the checkout process, and download the ebook file.  The file may end in .acsm which is normal. This is actually a .epub file.

You don't need to check it back in -- it "expires" after a limited number of days.  If needed, you can check it out again.

After it expires, you can delete the ebook from Bluefire.

If you download from other sources such as the public library, you can download either a PDF or an ePub format ebook (the ePub is usually preferable, as it resizes better for use on smaller screens).  

Problem? Some tablets/phones may have trouble directly downloading Ebscohost ebooks. Don't let this discourage you!

The workaround is to:

  1. Be sure you already have Bluefire loaded on your device, and
  2. enable it with your Adobe ID, and then
  3. save the ebook on another computer, and then
  4. email the ebook file as an attachment to whatever email service you can reach on your device, then
  5. save the file from your email to your device. You can also save it in an online file service such as Dropbox and load it from there.
  6. Find the file (on Android, a file control app such as File Commander is useful for this), usually in your downloads directory.
  7. Bluefire should be used automatically to open the file.

Bluefire, however, cannot read Kindle format -- you'll need to download the Kindle app for that.

Bookmarks in Bluefire

To bookmark a page, tap the center of the screen. This should cause a header to appear with a book(mark) icon in the upper right.

Tap on the bookmark icon and create your bookmark. A note can be added if desired.

For older Nooks, Nook Color, and other ereaders:

For devices that don't allow you to download Bluefire, you may be able to use their existing ereader software.  You will still need to get an Adobe ID.  Anything you download should go to the existing ereader software, but that varies so much from device to device that it cannot be covered in detail here.


Calibre is another ebook reader for Windows. While it advertises that it can convert from other formats, that only applies to files which are not protected. Most of our library ebooks are copy protected and cannot be legally converted.  Please respect the copyright owners and their rights.


The Boreham Library recommends Adobe Digital Editions because the current standard is to use an Adoble I.D. to enable readers, and ADE is available for both iOS and Windows systems.

Bluefire is recommended because it uses the Adobe I.D. standard, and is functional for iOS and Android.

It is not practical to try to test and teach every possible device and reader app on every operating system, so these apps are a compromise. No reimbursement has been offered or provided.





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