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eBooks from Boreham Library: Kindle Users

how to find, use and download eBooks from the Boreham Library

For Kindle Users

Amazon controls all the Kindle devices and the software that can be used to read Kindle eBooks on other devices.

However -- you can read the eBooks online on a browser, if they are not 'checked out' already.

Only the newer Kindle Fire tablets might allow you to use apps for UAFS ebooks. Other Kindles normally do not.

Amazon does not, at this time, permit any other eBooks formats on most of their basic Kindle devices/software (except the newer Fire tablets).  You must go through Amazon to download Kindle format ebooks.

That does NOT include the Boreham Library eBooks, as well as those from other companies such as BooksAMillion, Barnes and Noble, etc. -- you cannot download our eBooks to work on a Kindle (except the Fire tablets) because you are using their Kindle ereader software.  This is Amazon's decision, not the Library's.


You CAN try to download other software (such as Bluefire -- see the GooglePlay apps store) which allows you to read other formats, including the Boreham Library ebooks.  This may be possible with a Kindle Fire tablet (but not the other Kindle ereaders).  This is not guaranteed to work - Amazon updates the Kindle Fire software without considering this option. The procedure for loading Bluefire on a Kindle Fire is here.


Go to your settings FIRST and enable apps from unknown sources in order to allow you to get apps from somewhere other than Amazon. You may also need to change security settings. (These can be changed back after you add the new app.)

REMEMBER! Once you install this one app, turn the security setting back on.


Some of the Fort Smith Public Library eBooks are also available as Kindle eBooks, and the company (Overdrive) that Fort Smith Public Library uses has a contract with Amazon to let users "check out" eBooks if and only if (a) the eBooks are already available as Kindle eBooks, and (b) the user has an Amazon account for use with Kindle eBooks.  You actually go through the FSPL catalog and connect to Amazon when you do this. Most vendors do not have this option.


AVOID THE OVERDRIVE APP as it assumes all ebooks are Overdrive and won't read UAFS ebooks.


The Boreham Library recommends Adobe Digital Editions because the current standard is to use an Adoble I.D. to enable readers, and ADE is available for both iOS and Windows systems.

Bluefire is recommended because it uses the Adobe I.D. standard, and is functional for iOS and Android.

It is not practical to try to test and teach every possible device and reader app on every operating system, so these apps are a compromise. No reimbursement has been offered or provided.

Technical Services Librarian

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