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ScienceDirect User's Guide: ScienceDirect User's Guide

Using ScienceDirect

ScienceDirect is a powerful database for finding articles about the sciences, but its interface is not the most intuitive. Follow these steps to find the articles you need.

1. Enter the database. Click SEARCH in the top menu:

2. From here, you can search for articles that are available in full-text, or for all articles in ScienceDirect (some of which may not be available in full-text - you'll have to request them as interlibrary loans).

3. If you search for articles available in full-text (from "Subscribed Sources"), most or all of these should all be available to read in your search results. (If you still see results that ask you to "Purchase" them, see below.)

4. But if you search for articles from "All Sources," these won't all necessarily be available. You'll probably see some results like this:

But even if you see "Purchase" in your results, DO NOT PURCHASE ARTICLES - we can get them for you through interlibrary loan, most likely within a few days. Here's how you can request a ScienceDirect article through interlibrary loan:

    • Click on the article title. You'll be taken to a page which includes a link like the one highlighted below. Click that link.

    • A new page will open with a sidebar on the right. At the top of the sidebar you'll see BIBLIOGRAPHIC INFORMATION. Click there. A menu will open containing the words - click there (note: do NOT click the "Get Full Text Elsewhere" link above it).

    • You will end up in our Journal Locator where you can choose the option to "Request an Interlibrary Loan" at the bottom of your screen, and log into your ILLiad account to request the article: