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Theatre: Scene, Lighting, and Sound Design: Getting Started


Theatre : Scene, Lighting, and Sound Design

The tabs at the top of this guide provide links to databases (articles), books, web sites, and information on citing.  Contact a reference librarian for additional help with research.                         


 Stage at the Plaza Cinema, Stockport - taken during a heritage open day (Author: Jeff Carr)  Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.


Research Strategy

  • Select topic.

  • Explore background information from DISCOVER, Proquest Central, CREDO, or print titles.

  • Find more information in online catalogs and databases.

  • Find information from web resources.

  • Evaluate and select references.

  • Cite your sources.

 A good way to start research might be with a power search.  Power searches are multisearches of various databases and catalogs that are subscribed to by the Boreham Library.  Links to DISCOVER and to PROQUEST CENTRAL are provided on this page.



Background information is important for beginning research.  Titles from the general collection as well as those from the Reference Collection provide overviews of a topic, definitions of unfamiliar terms, biographical information, and sources for further exploration (bibliographies).  In addition to print and electronic book titles, there is an excellent database of reference books online in Credo Reference .

                                             Cover (if available)

        792.025 M2289al                                               792.025 B7589f                                        792.025 W7323h          


       792.025 F863hs                                             Oxford Companion (Ref 391.003 R115 hi)      792.025 C9174sl       


         792.02 C7919sm                                     792.068 K574sm                                792.025 G4136td 

CREDO Reference

Power Searches

Research Librarian


              Carolyn Filippelli

Contact Info:
Boreham Library,  120
Office Phone: 479-788-7204  
 Services Available From Your Research Librarian:
  • Research Consultations (walk in or appointment)
  • Resource suggestions for class Assignments and group projects 
  • Help with search strategies for databases and catalogs