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Criminal Justice: Getting Started


This is a guide to information resources for Criminal Justice.  As you do your research, you can click on the tabs above to find out how to get articles, books, and other resources.  Before beginning research, it is a good idea to explore some background sources. 



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Background Information

Background exploration of a topic is crucial to good research.  Reference encyclopedias, dictionaries, and handbooks are the tools to use if you need an overview of a subject, definitions of terms, biographical information on a key figure in the field, or  recommended lists of readings.

Look at some of the background sources recommended, whether they are individual print or electronic titles or collections in a database.

Reference Titles (Print and Electronic)



Ency. of Crime Scene Investigation   Encyclopedia of Criminology      Ency. of Juvenile Justice
REF 363.2525 N485sec                   REF 364.03 En194c                    REF 364.3603 En194ji 



Encyclopedia of Law Enforcement    Encyc. of Police Science          Encyclopedia of Prisons 
REF 363.2 En195Le                         REF 363,203 En196ps             REF 365.9703 En196pcf


Encyclopedia of Cybercrime     EBook            

Encyclopedia of Victimology and Crime Prevention     EBook

World Encyclopedia of Police Forces      EBook 

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