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Topics pertaining to Fort Chaffee

Fort Chaffee

Photo courtesy of S. Blanton

Fort Chaffee Maneuver Training Center is an Army National Guard installation in western Arkansas, near the city of Fort Smith. Established as Camp Chaffee in 1941, renamed to Fort Chaffee in 1956, Fort Chaffee has served as a United States Army base, training camp, prisoner-of-war camp, and refugee camp. The base was closed following the 1995 Base Realignment and Closure Commission for reshaping the Defense Department's infrastructure. Since that time, the Arkansas National Guard has been using 64,590 acres as a training site.

Fort Chaffee Museum Collections

COMING SOON!  Digital Repository of Fort Chaffee Museum Collections.  Photos, military items, reports, personal collections, oral histories.


Photo courtesty of Fort Chaffee Museums Collection

Welcome from the Pebley Center

Help or additional research may be obtained by filling out a research request in the Pebley Center, Room 137 in Boreham Library.  Hours are 8am to 4pm Monday through Friday.  When your research request has been filled, the information can be sent via text, email, or picked up in person.  Phone or email requests can be fulfilled by calling the Pebley Center at 788-7213 or emailing information to



PDF via Boreham Library Operations New Life/New Arrivals, US Army support to the Indochinese refugee program, 1 April 1975 1 June 1976 Census NPR

A Vietnamese newspaper, the Tan Dan, began publication two days after the first refugees’ arrival. We have some copies of issues of the paper in the Pebley Center. We also have copies of the Helping Hand, a Chaffee publication.

Oral histories of educators at Westark Community College conducting English as a second language and oral histories of refugees who went through Fort Chaffee

Photos in the Pebley Center in Sondra Lamar and Carol Barger Collections and SE Asia Collection available in the Pebley Center


PDF via Boreham Library Task Force Resettlement Operation, After Action Report, Fort Chaffee, Arkansas, 7 May 1980-19 February 1982

Book: Impacting Arkansas: Vietnamese and Cuban refugees and Latina/o immigrants, 1975-2005 [PDF document] / by Perla M. Guerrero.

Misc. newspaper articles available in the Pebley Center

Camp Chaffee

                    Post card from Pebley collection

Picture from Pebley collection

Chaffee Memorial

Photos courtesy of Harold Maynard