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Rhetoric 3203 Course Guide: Getting Started

Resources for use in successful completion of Rhetoric 3203.


Use this course guide for Rhetoric 3203 to find articles in databases, books, and websites. 

Library Services 

The Boreham Library provides a number of services to help with research.  

Reference Service

If you need help with research, Reference Librarians are available to assist you.  Come in to the library, call, or send an email  to  If you would like to set up an appointment to discuss your research, contact the librarian-author of this guide Carolyn Filippelli at

Interlibrary Loan Service

Interlibrary Loan is a service for obtaining electronic copies of articles and loans of books that are not available at the Boreham Library.   Register for an Iinterlibrary loan account to get started with Interlibrary Loan.  Interlibrary Loan expands the variety and depth of resources available for research.

Circulation      Circulation Policies

Library Facilities and Collections

Facilities and Equipment

  • Study Spaces (Individual and Group) available on all floors of the library on a "first-come, first-serve basis" 
  • 24/7 Study Zone
  • Scanners   available on all floors and in the 24/7 study zone
  • Video (Flip) camera available for checkout at Circulation Desk
  • Calculators available for checkout at the Circulation Desk
  • Photocopiers available on all floors
  • Computers
  • Headphones (Circulation Desk) 
  • Lost and found (Circulation Desk)

Library Collections

1st Floor

  • Reference (print titles) 
  • Fiction  
  • Media      
  • Current Journals, Magazines, and Newspapers
  • Reserves (Circulation Desk

 2nd Floor

  • Nonfiction (Circulating collection)     
  • Journals and Magazines (older issues)
  • Microfilm


Research Librarian

Profile Image

Carolyn Filippelli   M.A., M.L.S.

Research Librarian

Boreham Library, L120
Office Phone: 479-788-7204