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eBooks from Boreham Library: Getting Started

how to find, use and download eBooks from the Boreham Library

Technical Services Librarian

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Dennis Van Arsdale
Boreham Library 136, 813 N. Waldron, Fort Smith AR 72903


Warning: the Overdrive app from the public library will NOT read Boreham Library ebook downloads. It may actually interfere with reading ebooks from any source other than Overdrive ebooks.

Also: the Ebsco ebook app may not work with Boreham Library ebooks.

It's better to use the recommended ebook readers below:

Download Adobe Digital Editions software for Macs or Windows.

Obtain an Adobe ID.

Supported eBook reader devices for Adobe Digital Editions.


For iOS devices (iPhones, iPads): Bluefire reader.


For Android devices (phones and tablets): Bluefire reader.

Adobe ID FAQ for problems.


Library Contact Information

University of Arkansas - Fort Smith

Boreham Library

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eBooks from Boreham Library

*** Faculty: please use the Ebooks for UAFS Faculty guide to start. ***

The Library has a variety of eBooks available from several sources.  All of these are searchable in the Library catalog.

You can read these on your desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or phone, as well as some ebook readers. Haven't chosen a stand-alone ebook reader device yet?  Find some good advice here

Reference eBooks

Some eBooks look and are searched much like databases, such as Gale Virtual Reference or Oxford Digital Reference, among others.  You can search for a specific topic, print or save from these much like using articles from journals online.

eBooks Which Read Like Printed Books

There are also eBooks which work much like printed books, viewed on your screen.  These can be read as books or searched for specific topics, and specific pages may be available for printing or saving.

All of the above eBooks are available from most computers, laptops, pads, and phones connected to the Internet (although ereader software/apps may be required for some of them).

eBooks Which Can Be Downloaded and Read Offline

Please note: The sequence to follow may differ from vendor to vendor. Ebscohost will ask you to create your own account/login to your own account as one of the steps, while other vendors may want you to create your own account/login to your own account before you try to use the download button, for example. In all cases, you may preview the ebook online before you decide to download.

Some eBooks are completely downloadable to "check out" for your exclusive use and reading on your own device (although some restrictions apply).  If your device isn't compatible, you may still read them online (if it is not "checked out").

Instructions for these depend on which computer or device you want to use for reading.  Select


Publishers decide which ebooks are available for downloading from libraries.  You may be able to buy some ebooks from other sources which you can download if the library is not allowed to permit downloading for a specific title.


The Boreham Library recommends Adobe Digital Editions because the current standard is to use an Adobe I.D. to enable readers, and ADE is available for both iOS and Windows systems.

Bluefire is recommended because it uses the Adobe I.D. standard, and is functional for iOS and Android.

It is not practical to try to test and teach every possible device and reader app on every operating system, so these apps are a compromise. No reimbursement has been offered or provided.