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Humanities Through the Arts: Finding Articles

Core Databases

What is a Scholarly/Peer-Reviewed Article?

You have a research assignment and your professor has asked you to find a "peer-reviewed" or "scholarly" article... but you don't know what that is.  Check-out the resources below to learn more about peer-reviewed, scholarly articles, why they are important, and how to determine if an article is considered to be "scholarly" or "peer-reviewed."

How to Find Journal Articles

To find individual journal articles, you will primarily use electronic databases to do your searching. With such databases, you can find article abstracts and even full-text articles by conducting an author, title, keyword(s), or subject searching.

If there is no full-text article available online, you will need to check if the library has the actual journal (physical item) so that you can locate it and read the article. You can find the holding and location information of the journal by typing its title in the search box on the UAFS online catalog. If the library does not have subscription to the journal, you can request for a copy of the article through our interlibrary loan service.  

Finding Articles

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Music Databases

Painting, Sculpture, & Architecture Databases

Literature Databases