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Theatre for Seniors: Books

Locating Books in Our Library

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Hints for Locating materials for Theatre

The word Theatre is often spelled Theater.  Library of Congress Subject Headings use the spelling THEATRE, but keyword searches use both variations.  

 Keyword searches are those in which you use your own search terms.  They are generally more comprehensive than Subject Searches.


  • aging and arts
  • senior theatre
  • seniors and acting
  • plays and older adults
  • community theatre and seniors

 Subject Searches  are based on Library of Congress Subject Headings.  They are usually more precise than keyword searches.  Use subject headings normally associated with aspects of the theatre as well as searches in related areas such as aging, older adults, and gerontology.


  • Amateur Theater      
  • Arts and Older People                 
  • Clothing and Dress
  • Clothing - History
  • Costume - Social Aspects
  • Fashion - History
  • Men's Clothing           
  • Readers Theatre
  • Theatre and Older People
  • Theatrical Costume

-Thank you to Carolyn Filippelli-

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Use this database to identify millions of records representing books, audiovisual programs, and other material cataloged by OCLC member libraries. Includes manuscripts written as early as the 11th century. Books located through this database generally must be borrowed from another library. Please allow 7-14 days for the book to be received.

Selected Books in the Collection

792.0222 (ebook)
Reminiscence Theatre : Making Theatre from Memories
Author: Pam Schweitzer
London: Jessica Findley Publishers

808.8245 R2733a 2006
Age on Stage
Author: Joy Harriman Reilly
Kansas City, MO: ArtAge Publications

812.041 H3985pt 2013
The Play's the Thing...Isn't It?
Author: Wendy Jane Henson
Portland, OR: ArtAge Publications

812.041 R96a 2009
Age on Stage: 10 Minute Plays
Author: Terri Ryburn
Portland, OR: ArtAge Publications

812.041 V913e
Enriching an Older Person's Life through Theatre
Author: Bonnie L. Vorenberg
Portland, OR: ArtAge Publications

-Thank you to Carolyn Filippelli-         

Selected Books in Reference


Complete Costume Dictionary       Costume & Fashion                            Clothing Through World History    

Ref 391.003 L58cc                           Ref 391.00962 C8205ch                     Ref 391.009 G856cc         

Additional Reference Titles

  • Book of Costume  (Kemper)  Ref 391 K323c
  • Complete History of Fashion and Costume (Cosgrave)  Ref 391.00962 C8205 ch
  • Costume Reference (Sichel)  Ref 391.00941 Si12c
  • Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion  Ref 391.003 En194cf
  • Evolution of Fashion Ref 391.009 H554
  • Handbook of Stage Costume  Ref 792.026 B4733 hs
  • History of Costume (Kohler) Ref 391.094 K824
  • In an Influential Fashion: An Encyclopedia of Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Ref 391.00922 In11if

-Thank you to Carolyn Filippelli-