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SPCH 1203 - Introduction to Speech Communication: Research Steps

Step One - Background Information

It's not essential that you start here, but it helps to have some background information on your topic.

Step Two - Pro/Con Arguments

Remember: you can find pro/con essays from reputable sources on a wide variety of topics.  These essays provide citations and a bibliography of other sources to consult as well.

Catalog Search

Search the Boreham Library catalog

Step Four - Search for Scholarly (Peer-Reviewed) Journal Articles

Be sure to check out the other Core Databases if you aren't finding enough articles.

Step Five - Search for Newspaper and Magazine Articles

These newspaper databases draw on a large number of newspapers, magazines, and other widely-distributed news sources.

Reputable News Sources

Browse these reputable sources for up-to-date news on politics and policy in the United States.