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Coronavirus / COVID-19

Library Hours

Library Status

The University of Arkansas - Fort Smith Boreham Library will close at 5:00pm on Thursday, March 19 and reopen when the university resumes its normal operations.  The computer lab in the 24 Hour Zone will remain open until we're ordered to close it.  Services such as continued access to databases and eBooks, virtual chat, email, and interlibrary loan will remain available.

For more updates on when the library will re-open or the campus status, please visit the University's COVID-19 page.


I still need access to a computer and/or WiFi.  Where can I go?

The 24 Hour Zone will remain open until we're ordered to close it.  For a list of software available in the 24 Hour Zone, please visit this page from IT (note: it may be out of date).


Will I still be able to take my Examity exam in the library?

The library will be closed until the university resumes normal operations.  Please contact your professor about the status of your exams if you need to make other arrangements.


I need help from a librarian with my research!

The librarians will continue to man our chat service.  You can also contact us via email or submit your question to us.  Please use the chat widget on this page or visit our Ask a Librarian page if you need help.

We also have several video tutorials available to help you learn how to find and use library databases to find articles!

Interlibrary Loan

Will I still be able to make Interlibrary Loan requests?

While we are closed, we will continue to process requests for ARTICLES.  Articles will be delivered to your interlibrary loan accounts. 

You can continue submitting your requests for tangible items, like BOOKS, but those requests will remain pending until the campus reopens.

Library Surfaces

Will the library be safe for me to use after it reopens?

Per the UAFS Chancellor: "[The campus cleaning service] has been directed to deep clean and disinfect our campus and to effectively close those areas so they remain disinfected.

Online - What's available?

What does the library have available online?  

You can search in Discover for articles, eBooks, streaming videos, and more.  Also, stop by our Databases page and click on the All Subjects menu to find databases recommended for you based on your major or subject area.

For streaming feature films that aren't in Discover, check JustWatch to see whether other streaming services offer a film.




Articles, books, and other materials in one comprehensive search!

Search the Catalog

Google Scholar Search

Overdue Notices

Help!  I received an overdue notice from the library!  

You should not receive an overdue notice, but if you do we will not charge any fines while the campus is closed.  Unfortunately, overdue notices are automated by our systems, so you may continue to receive those.  We are extending as much grace and understanding as possible given the circumstances, so please do not worry!  Please do return your items to us as soon as we reopen!  

Pebley Center

Can I access the Pebley Center?

Unfortunately, as long as the library is closed, you cannot access the Pebley Center.  Please email Shelley Blanton for any questions or research needs you have while we are closed.


I still need to print things out.  Where can I go?

The 24 Hour Zone will remain open and available to UAFS faculty, staff, and students until we are ordered to close it.  Please remember to bring your UAFS IDs in order to gain entry into the Zone.  

If the Zone's printers run out of paper, please let us know by sending us a message in Chat or email the library at

Other Questions?